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News IconLet's Crash the Wedding!January 27

In honor of the upcoming nuptials between Paul Martin and George Bush on
Parliament Hill**..........you are invited to a pre-wedding

Sunday, February 1, 1pm - 4pm
Rm. 101, Jack Purcell Community Center
320 Elgin St.

Come meet other people against Bush's Missile Defense Plan and make your own
missiles to shower on Paul and George. Bring your toilet papar rolls (paper
cones will be supplied) and other art supplies that you have around the house. We will also be campaigning to stop the sale of conflict diamonds in MEDC countries to fund LEDC wars. We also have a guest speaker from a British company Samara James specialising in designer engagement rings to talk about the impact and importance of ensuring your diamonds are clean.

(Sponsored by No War-Paix, the Raging Grannies and OPIRG Carleton)

**Paul and George will be wed on Saturday, Feb. 7 at 11:30 on Parliament Hill
For more information on this Anti-BMD action visit http://www.nowar-paix.ca

News IconBalistic Missle Defence Demo!!!January 26
Ballistic Missile Defense Protest--

You are invited to a wedding:

George W. and Paul Martin
will be joined in holy matrimony
Sat, Feb. 7th on Parliament Hill

The happy couple will be arriving shortly after 11:45

In honor of their explosive love please bring missiles
to shower on the bride and groom!


(Presented by No War-Paix, OPIRG and the Raging Grannies)

An Action Conference for Public Interest Groups
January 30 & 31, 2004 - Toronto

Representatives of Ontario environmental groups are invited to participate
in a conference to create a green electricity future for Ontario. Ontario's
electricity sector has arrived at an historic crossroads when the mistakes
of the past can be repeated, or we can build a sustainable electricity
future that is cleaner, cheaper, and safer.

Please mark these dates on your calendar and confirm your attendance TODAY.

A draft agenda and a draft position paper: "Greening Ontario's Electricity
Future" are available on request. Comments on this position paper are
encouraged in advance of the conference, with a view to achieving consensus
at that time. The paper will be discussed at the conference and then
submitted to the Government of Ontario.

Friday January 30, 2004 (evening only -- 7:30 p.m.)
Saturday January 31, 2004 (9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.)

PLACE: Toronto (specific location TBA)

Registration is free. Hotel accommodation and travel costs will be covered
for representatives of Ontario environmental non-governmental organizations
on request. Arrangements must be confirmed by Monday January 26 with Dave
Martin. Lunch will be provided on Saturday January 31st.

Energy Caucus of the Ontario Environment Network

Ontario Ministry of Energy
Climate Action Network-Canada (CAN-Canada)
David Suzuki Foundation

Dave Martin, Sierra Club of Canada
Tel: 905-852-0571
E-mail: nucaware@web.ca

Sierra Club of Canada Nuclear Campaign
c/o P.O. Box 104
Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada L9P 1M6

tel/fax: 905-852-0571
e-mail: nucaware@web.ca

OPIRG-CARLETON NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2004 -- feel free to circulate

For info about our organization, staff, board, and activities, check out
our website at www.opirg-carleton.org

0- Welcome Back
1- New at OPIRG-Carleton
2- Volunteering at OPIRG
3- Ongoing Projects at OPIRG-Carleton
4- Upcoming Events
5- Miscellaneous

0 - Welcome Back

Welcome back everyone! I hope veryone had a rockin' break and are charged
for a great term. We've finally managed to recover from our
technological disasters last term and have learned a bit about how not to
be quite so vulnerable to pc and information theft and virus corruption...
aargh! But that's all behind us now and we're ready set to move forward,
so let's get started!

1- New at OPIRG-Carleton

This term OPIRG has hired a volunteer coordinator, Ranya Sherif (i.e. me)
to bottomline the recruitment, placement, and orientation of
volunteers for our organization. As part of the work I'll be doing this
term with the PIRG, I'll be sending out a newsletter periodically to keep
interested folks in the loop and help people get and stay involved in the
areas of organizing that interest them. If you're looking to get involved
and would like some direction you can track me down by email
ranya@resist.ca or at the PIRG 326 Unicentre Carleton U Mon-Wed
10am-12noon and probably randomly other times throughout the week.

2- Volunteering at OPIRG

There are many opportunities for volunteering opening up at
OPIRG-Carleton this term. If you are interested in getting involved
around the PIRG, please email me at vc@opirg-carleton.org with a paragraph
including your contact info, your interests, your skills, the amount of
time you'd like to commit, and why you'd be a good volunteer. This email
account is just being activated, so if you have trouble call OPIRG at
520-2757 or just email opirg@carleton.ca.

The main opportunities for volunteering are:

1- general office help and info tabling

2- events support (set-up and take down, etc..)

3- joining or starting an action-focussed group (like books to prisoners,
the sustainable campus network, or the garden spot)

4- joining or starting an education focussed team (like the
uncensoring mediamorphosis conference, or anti-oppression teaching squad)

5- working on a research initiative (you could look at the effects of
corporate economic globalization or research locally through the
greening the ivory towers campus sustainability assessment project)

6- helping to maintain the resource centre

All of these volunteer positions are key to the success of our
initiatives to promote social, economic, and environmental justice. In
the next month, training sessions will be held to provide volunteers with
the skills they will need to be effective in their positions. All
interested volunteers will be interviewed, trained, and placed (as per
their area of interest).

Our first volunteer orientation session will take place on January 24,
2004 in 302 and 303 Dunton Tower from 12 noon with a light vegan lunch
provided. I'll be sending out another reminder about this event. Anyone
who plans on attending should contact me as soon as possible to confirm so
I can make sure we've got enough grub for you. This session is also for
all volunteers interested in participating in the Uncensoring
Mediamorphosis Conference which will branch off into a meeting later in
the day after the volunteer training.

3- Ongoing projects

Books to Prisoners: This action group collects books by donation and
sends them to prisons all over the US and Canada. They are currently
doing a DICTIONARY DRIVE as at least 2/3 of prisoners request dictionaries
in their letters. If you have an extra dictionary that you'd like to
donate, feel free to drop it by OPIRG during office hours.

The next B2P meeting is on Friday January 9, 2004 at 3pm in the OPIRG office.

The Garden Spot: Our beloved pay-what-you-can vegan food service
currently on hiatus but not for long! Next meeting January 13, 2004 240
Patterson Hall 4:30pm.

Greening the Ivory Towers/Sustainable Campus Network: A forming network of
environmental studies, geography, engineering and other students
interested in promoting sustainability on campus. The Greening project is
being facilitated by the Sierra Youth Coalition and is essentially a
campus-wide audit of how sustainable (or not) our campus is. This
assessment is being performed for course credit in some cases. There are
still many positions open for this type of work. The next meeting has not
yet been set.

Upcoming Events:

Mediamorphosis Movie Nights: In preparation for our upcoming conference we
will throwing free movie nights where we will pass the hat to fundraise
for the conference. The movies will most likely be political
documentaries in 303 Patterson Hall on January 16, 2004 at 7 pm and
February 6, 2004 at 7 pm.

Black History Month Film Festival:

"Ethnic Notion" is about Black images in entertainment and will be shown
Feb 5 from 12noon-1pm in 240 Tory.

"Mickey Mouse Monopoly" is about race and gender in Disney Movies and will
be shown on Feb 10 in 502 Southam Hall from 12:30-1:30pm

Public Interest School: Hosted by OPIRG-Queen's this year's PIS will
focus on Action on Racism and will kick off Black History Month and
wrap-up International Development by bringing people together who are
working towards postive social change from all sectors of the community.
The PIS will have workshops, speakers, films, music and more. This event
(transportation, accommodation, and registration) is free for OPIRG
Volunteers. Space is limited and the registration deadline is January 29,
2004 at OPIRG so be sure to sign-up soon.

Uncensoring Mediamorphosis Conference: See

This conference will take a critical look at media in our society and how
it affects our access to information, freedom, democracy, and dignity.
Many workshops will be offered to teach participants how to understand and
reshape the media. The conference will be held March 4-7, 2004. If you'd
like to participate in the organizing of this event contact Rita Liazza at
internationalrita@yahoo.com. The next Volunteer Orientation for this
event will take place January 24, 2004 at 12noon in 302/303 Dunton Tower.

Miscellaneous - Karen Hawley would like to organize an Indigenous
Solidarity Film Festival this term and is calling out to any interested
volunteers to help put it together with her. She can be reached at the
PIRG during office hours at 520-2757 or via email at opirg@carleton.ca

Good luck to everyone this term and keep warm!

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